About us. Well, we’re Jen and Andy Cobb. We’ve been married five years and have two dogs of our own

Libby, a field bred Springer Spaniel

Photo by Chad Hanson

And Gus, our mutt, a Border Collie-Lab mix

Photo by Chad Hanson.

We rescued Gus from the local Humane Society, but Libby is the second Springer we’ve rescued from English Springer Rescue of America. Our first Springer from them died unexpectedly at four years old and we love this breed. Sadly there are many of these pups out there and ESRA does their best to rescue and rehome them.

Strays and runaways find their way to us all the time. One time a dog that lived 10 miles away in Midtown Atlanta found his way to our house. Followed us around the neighborhood for two days before he ended up in our house. He’d been missing a week and his owner was blown away we had him. Another time a beagle showed up on the side of our house, scared and unwilling to come to anyone else but me. We thought she’d just had puppies until Andy had her on her back to rub her belly and finally saw the puppies moving under her skin – that was the time we learned that while we are pretty savvy dog owners, we don’t know nuthin’ ’bout birthin no babies, and we took her straight to the shelter to be taken care of.

Duchess has been a new experience and it’s our hope that you’ll find yourself just as compelled as us to help her. It’s rare that you can actually make a difference in another living thing’s life and this is an opportunity to do just that. Read about Duchess, share her story with others and please, please make a donation to help.

Have questions, comments or want to know more? Contact us!

Much love,

Duchess and The Cobbs – Jen, Andy, Gus, and Libby



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