There is so much to update everyone on, so hold on to your hats!

First, UGA has decided that Duchess’ health has improved so much that she doesn’t need the surgery anymore, and MAY NEVER NEED IT. Yes, you’re reading that right. The medicine we have her on combined with daily exercise and better nutrition is made a huge difference in how her joints are working and she does not need surgery. For those of you who donated to this sweet baby’s fundraising campaign, rest assured we are working to release that money to other dogs in ESRA’s care so that the money can help them. It’s an exciting time for Duchess and for the other pups who are about to be helped because of your generosity.

Second (and last), Duchess has found her forever home: with us.

Andy wanted to do this earlier this year but I resisted. I wanted to nurse this little girl back to health and rehome her – ultimate Foster Mom success! But if I’m being honest with myself and all of you, Duchess adopted us many moons ago.

Her and Libby are inseparable. They patrol the yard in tandem. Duchess can steal a toy or bite Libby’s face and Libby does nothing to stop it – any other dog would get their face taken off. Duchess licks and kisses Gus until Gus barks for her to stop – she would make out with him all day if he let her.

She runs and bites my elbow for fun. She jumps into Andy’s lap on the recliner to get a toy she wants. She steals our shoes and puts them and toys in little clusters we like to call “her collections”. She prances like a deer to the gate when you get home. She’s sassy and confident now, and I’ll put modesty aside and allow that we helped her get there.

There is a lot of love in this little pack and Duchess is holding it all together in her furry little paws.

Thanks to everyone who followed her journey and donated money and cared. There are many dogs out there needing good homes, ones who may show up like Duchess, with mange and infected eyes, malnourished and in need of heartworm treatment and expensive medicine to help them walk. Please do what you can to help them. They are worth saving.

Welcome to the family Duchess!

Duchess 200