This week marked Duchess being with us for one year. A whole year. I remember asking Sue how long she’d be here.

Oh, maybe two weeks?


She was so skinny. Her fur was still growing in from mange and malnutrition. And those hips were a mess. They still are a mess.

So many of you donated to her and we can’t thank you enough. We finally took her to UGA a few weeks ago to determine her surgery plan. The doctors say she ain’t so skinny anymore and actually is a little on the chubby side. Oh Duchess, don’t they know that’s happy weight? No matter, before we get the surgery she has to lose some poundage so we’ve swapped foods.

Also, they would like for us to get a new med plan in place, and I’m happy to say we found an NSAID that doesn’t affect her liver levels and so that is moving right along. We just need homegirl’s Jenny Craig plan to work and we’ll be in business.

In the meantime, she’s enjoying summer and continuing to learn new things: not being scared of thunderstorms, playing with doggie toys, finding her voice and barking and growling (even though her growls aren’t in any sort of context – I think she does it because she heard another dog do it and it sounded like fun), walking off leash, walking on a leash, becoming friends with Gus.


She’s taken to licking Gussie’s cheeks nonstop. He makes some odd noises when it’s happening but I think he likes the attention.

I am happy to say that we raised enough to cover her surgery and then some, which is great because having a little cushion on the off chance something goes  wrong will be helpful. ESRA will start raising money for other pooches in their care from this point forward so I’ve removed the donation page link. We will continue to try and keep you all updated as new info is available.

Again, thank you for following along on this journey!