My oh my what a whirlwind beginning of the year it’s been for Duchess!

She had her second heartworm treatment on January 11th, which went much better than the first time and she was much more comfortable than before. She’s sailed through it with flying colors.

I still steal shoes and then play like I didn't do anything wrong.

I still steal shoes and then play like I didn’t do anything wrong.

So the Nice Lady and Nice Man had planned on a big vacation to Europe many months back and Duchess got to go stay with my parents and the other two dogs for a week. They were greatly spoiled. My dad fawned over Duchess and gave many belly rubs and my mom cuddled her when Duchess felt like being cuddled. So it was a bit like Duchess got her own vacation.

Now we’re back and we have to wait another few weeks before UGA will let her have her hip surgery. This has been a loooong road but we’re starting to see the light at  the end of the tunnel.

We also have a family interested in Duchess, and will be exploring that more now that we’re back from vacation. I don’t mind saying in public that this development has left me with very mixed emotions, which I did not anticipate. But I’m keeping an open mind and trying to keep Duchess’ best interests at the forefront so we make the best decision.

She has been given the ALL CLEAR TO PLAY, though, and she’s wasted no time getting right back into the thick of the fun. Andy took this little video of Duchess playing with her best friend, our Springer, Libby. Enjoy and thank you to everyone who keeps making donations for her care!