Who's there?

Who’s there?

Well, things are getting back to normal at the Cobb house. Duchess did fine with her first course of treatment, but she came home out of sorts and not herself. We looked online and saw that Immiticide (the heartworm treatment) can cause lethargy, and apparently it’s pretty painful to have injected so she was on a short course of steroids as well. So really it’s not a wonder that she wasn’t feeling good.

She’s done well not rushing the door to run out with Libby, and going potty on a leash instead of just cruising around the yard. Today was the first day she really wanted to play and got a little excited, but she calmed down quickly when I told her to and so I’m thankful she’s a good listener or we’d have some issues.

We got her a stocking today. It occurred to use that anyone who would treat her poorly and not give her the medicines she needs to be a healthy dog was probably someone who didn’t involve their dogs in Christmas, and so we plan to do just that! She’s very interested in the tree and likes to lie down at the foot of the tree skirt, so we think she’s figuring it all out on her own.

More updates to come!