We apologize for the lack of updates during the month of November. We sort of went about our merry way and there wasn’t much to update, but boy oh boy have the last couple of weeks been a roller coaster.

The good volunteers at English Springer Rescue America had a great holiday fundraiser for Duchess, and they featured her on their website to encourage donations. The surgery Duchess needs will be about $5,500, so fundraising is critical to get this done. Let me tell you that we were so close to that goal that we got the go ahead to schedule the surgery!! WOOHOOO!

I love this part of the couch.

I love this part of the couch.

I called up Dr. Phillips and he made the call to UGA for her referral over Thanksgiving. So exciting, such elation! Our sweet girl was about to get the surgery that would make it easier for her to walk and run and play, and hopefully find her Forever Home! We took her in to get her shots up to date, get her heartworm and fecal tests – the full work-up in preparation for her big trip to Athens!

Then her tests came back and all of that excitement blew out the door: Duchess tested positive for heartworms.

Now, when Duchess came into foster care she was tested, and then tested again two weeks later and both tests were negative. We’ve had her on preventative the entire time she’s been with us, too. But according to our GA Coordinator for ESRA this is pretty common. They often retest our fosters at the 6 month mark to make sure, but we’ve been so focused on her hips it never came up. It sounds like her worms were in the very beginning stages of infestation and the preventative killed any new ones, but we now need to treat her for heartworms before she can have her surgery.

So tomorrow, Monday December 3rd, Duchess will head over to VCA Pets Are People, Too and start her treatment. Fortunately she’s a pretty chill dog and we think she’ll sail right through, but she’s definitely going to be with us a good while longer. Long enough that we included her in the Cobb family Christmas card:


Friends, family, readers we don’t know: Please, please, please consider giving a donation to help this sweet pup. I know many of you haven’t met her in person, but even if you didn’t like dogs I know she would steal your heart. Duchess is silly and playful and gentle and loving and really just one of the best dogs we’ve ever had in our house. I know it’s not nearly as impactful as, say, feeding a starving family or helping a sick kid at a hospital, but I promise you that you will be helping a deserving dog that could find a home with a family who needs her just as much she needs them.

MAKE A DONATION HERE. (P.S. It’s tax deductible!)

Thank you to everyone who has helped so far. We are so grateful to be surrounded by so many awesome people. We will post more updates throughout this month as she gets her treatment started. Please share this blog with as many people as you can.