Aaaa, to be Duchess…

Rub my belly.

We’ve had a pretty quiet weekend. I had to do a long run on Saturday, which pretty much took me out of doing anything productive the rest of the day. Duchess was happy to hang out in the back yard and let me rub her belly.

ESRA is doing a holiday-themed fundraiser for Duchess and one task I had to do was “Christmas-her-up” and take some pics. Turns out Duchess does not love dressing up and does not particularly care for Santa hats.

Nice Lady, take this damn hat off me.

But the biggest thing we had to do was go to VCA Pets are People Too and get a test to make sure her UTI was gone, get a refill of her pain meds, and get some flea/heartworm preventative. We got to see Dr. Phillips, Duchess’ favorite vet. Dr. Phillips specializes in canine orthopaedics and actually helped to perfect the surgery that Duchess will ultimately have. So he’s super smart, super nice, and went to UGA (GO DAWGS!).

If I just stay up here, I know Dr. Phillips will give me a treat.

Dr. Phillips gave me a couple of Duchess’ Xrays so I could post them on here. And since you probably don’t know what a normal hip is supposed to look like, I found one online:

Normal canine hip joints.

The picture above tells you what’s normal about it, so I’m not going to go into a lot of explanation here, but basically you’re looking for the ball and socket to fit snugly up against each other. But this is what Duchess’ looks like:

The circles are around what her ball and sockets look like.

You can see how the ball and socket don’t fit together, and on her left hip it’s much more pronounced than the right. The right is pretty bad, too, though, which is why we’ll replace both hips when she has her surgery.

Thank you to Dr. Phillips for sending over these Xrays and for taking such good care of Duchess. We’ve been taking our dogs to Pets Are People Too for nine years and we’ve had really amazing care for all of our dogs the entire time. From Hank crossing the Rainbow Bridge, to Gussie’s parvo, to Gidget’s losing battle with pancreatitis (and the entire vet staff working overtime to find her a cure), to all of our fosters and the various needs they’ve had, the staff at VCA has been super helpful and we thank them.

Here’s to getting that referral, Dr. Phillips, and us being able to head up to Athens and get Duchess her surgery!

If you would like to make a donation to Duchess’ surgery, please click here. Thank you!