After the excitement of World Arthritis Day, you’d think Duchess would need some extra rest. However, The Nice Man (my husband) had other plans when he decided this past weekend would be the weekend he and The Nice Lady (me) painted the back bonus room. And since all that dog hair would be a problem  for us painting, The Nice Lady got up early and took the pups to Doguroo.

Doguroo is a little bit like Disneyland for dogs. They play all day. And then play some more. And they learn to socialize with other dogs and nice humans, which has been a huge blessing to us in our ability to foster.

I know that Gus and Libby wouldn’t be as welcoming of our foster dogs if we didn’t consistently take them to Doguroo where they meet new dogs all the time. Likewise, my fosters are generally in need of the influence of pack behavior – the other dogs teach them what’s right and what’s wrong, who’s cool, who’s not. And their overall behavior and socialization is so much stronger once we start taking them.

Duchess goes in the small dog yard at Doguroo, as does our other Springer, Libby. I think Springers need the security of the smaller yard. She plays with the other dogs, follows Libby around, lays down for a rest, goes to play some more, finds Libby…you get the picture.

Doguroo is awesome!

But here is what I love about the people at Doguroo: they are so attentive to the needs of every dog in their care. I have them give Duchess a nap around noon or 1, because otherwise she starts to limp pretty bad because of the hip dysplasia. I leave a pain pill for her to be given at 2 p.m. and it’s given at 2 p.m. Whatever request I have they accommodate and I couldn’t give them higher praise if I tried. These people know what they are doing. They even called me at work once to let me know they were pulling Duchess from the yard because she was limping a lot and they wanted her to rest. They just wanted me to know in case I tried to watch her on their Doggie Cams (oh yes, a time waster if there ever was one).

We take the dogs every two weeks and sometimes in between if we have evening plans and need them to be tired. And when I look at everyone and say, “Do you want to go to Doguroo!?!” they all go BANANAS! Barking! Running! Jumping on the recliner! Jumping on the sofa! Running from the kitchen to the back door back to the kitchen and back to the door! And then there is the whining the whole way there and the exuberant nature of them once we get in the door at Doguroo. And then the occasional jump onto the front desk from Libby. The staff love my dogs almost as much as me (or they appear to, it could be an act. It’s not an act, right Doguroo Pack Leaders??).

But again, a day like that leaves Duchess in such a state of exhaustion. It’s a good thing The Nice Lady got a new cover for the sofa and let Duchess try it out.

I’d like another pillow, please.

If you are in the Atlanta area and have always wanted to try doggie daycare, please try Doguroo ( or 404-350-PUPP). Our dogs play there and get boarded there and I really love every member of their pack. They also are among the growing group of friends of Duchess who are making a massive difference in her life.

P.S. Mention Duchess and she’ll get a re-fur-al bonus!
UPDATE: Upon reading this post, I am pleased to share that Doguroo has donated 10 daycare stays to us for Duchess! Thank you Doguroo!!