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Yes, we’re the faces of arthritis.

I work for the Arthritis Foundation and we are launching a new awareness campaign called The Faces of Arthritis. And sweet Duchess’ little mug is the face of arthritis too. While she only has some minor arthritis now, her hip dysplasia will make her joints degenerate faster, which is why she so desperately needs this surgery.

But let’s share our day, shall we?

I’m so cool I don’t care about car rides

Today was my company picnic at Piedmont Park and I decided to bring Duchess with me since there would be so many people there and ample opportunity to maybe market her a little to the general public. I put the Arthritis Walk bandana on her and off we went. She was by far the best behaved dog there and even though she is normally pretty timid with people, by the end she was letting all kinds of people pet her and love on her.

I don’t know who you are, lady, but keep rubbing my ears…

We watched as my coworker’s dog got loose and had to be chased and tackled, we walked around to judge the Pumpkin Decorating Contest, and generally just had a good day with the Arthritis Foundation, sharing Duchess’ story with as many people as we could. Even our Chief Mission Officer agreed that Duchess was the cutest face of arthritis at the picnic.

But all of this adoration and excitement made Duchess sooooo sleeeppppppyyyyy…


We haven’t taken her many places because she does get scared easily, but today I saw that she has really come out of her shell, has really started to trust that we surround her with good people, people that won’t hurt her. And if she smiles big enough, they will probably give her a treat.

In other news, Duchess’ Special Need designation has been approved by the good folks at English Springer Rescue! You can see her special page on their site by clicking here. We will also now only use the donation page through their site, which is in our links to the left, or you can click here.