ImageThis is Duchess. She’s a four year old Springer Spaniel who we are fostering through English Springer Spaniel of America (ESRA). She’s our third foster dog and she’s been with us the longest.

Duchess started off in Louisiana where she was a Puppy Mill dog, cranking out litter after litter of puppies. Puppy Mill moms are typically in bad shape because they are never given the opportunity to fully recover from pregnancy and often times their physical condition is deteriorated because of it. In Duchess’ case she had mange, her teeth are ground down, and she suffers from very advanced hip dysplasia.

Duchess was pulled from her home by the local SPCA and ESRA was called to take her into their foster care system. She spent some time with a wonderful volunteer in Mississippi and was eventually transferred to Atlanta, where she was to be adopted.

Sadly her hips prevented that adoption from taking place. The potential adopters were unsure of caring for a dog with hip dysplasia and so they passed on adopting her.

So she came to our house.

This blog will focus on Duchess, her story, and hopefully help us raise money for a bilateral hip replacement surgery, which will help Duchess become healthy and strong and help find her forever home. At only four years old, Duchess is a great candidate for this surgery, but at $5,500 it’s a huge financial undertaking and while ESRA provides for basic medical care a surgery like this requires some special fundraising measures.

I hope you’ll follow us on this journey and consider making a contribution to our ChipIn campaign. Every little bit helps.